Ipad2史上最強疏水疏油保護貼,iphone6 plus 最強疏水疏油保護貼

iphone6 plus 最強疏水疏油保護貼


  1. 保護貼避免與硬物一起擺放
    Do not place sharp objects with the film protector.
  2. 保護貼請勿過度用力擦拭
    Do not wipe the film protector with excessive force.
  3. 手機避免放置在多棉絮及多灰塵的環境
    Keep your smart phone away from dusty environment.
  4. 清潔螢幕保護貼時請使用擦拭布或擦拭布沾水輕輕擦拭即可
    When cleaning the film protector, use the enclosed microfiber cloth (or with water) to thoroughly clean the smart phone's surface softly.
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